Our Story

Hey! I'm Abby, the founder of Bloom. 

I started Bloom while taking inspiration from my late grandmother, Janet. My grandmother passed away during the height of the pandemic and the last thing that she said to me was "When you smile, the world will smile back". This ignited a strong desire for me to share that message with others. 

As I am passionate about jewelry and it always held a lot of meaning for me, I decided to use it as a vessel to spread positivity. Hence our name, Bloom.

Wherever life plants, you Bloom with grace. This means, wherever you are in your life - make the most out of it! 

My mission is to design jewelry that empowers women. I want to bring happiness, elegance, and style to every woman's wardrobe while sharing the lessons that I learnt from my grandmother, with you. 


Welcome to the Family! 
       Janet Nassim, 1956